Blood and Gold - Landyachtz Switchblade 36// Dual Flipsky 6354 190kv // Caliber II Trucks // 2x Flipsky 4.12 FSESC // 90mm ABEC Clones // Boardnamic Mounts

Starting this thread now since I’ve got a good amount of the parts coming in and still need help with a few tips and suggestions. I won’t be able to see how everything fits together until I slowly get more parts in.

I got this deck in my Landyachtz mystery box and I’m not 100% sure I can use it for this build but I’d like to try. The enclosure choice will be a challenge and I’ll have to use risers for sure.

For the battery I was thinking about doing this high powered 10s lipo with bms

I also need to choose a VESC and I’m hoping to find a good balance of quality and affordability.

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For cheap vescs get hobbyking, they come with a 1yr warranty, Flipsky is pretty good too


Thanks for the suggestion. I know there has been issues with one of the Flipsky duals. Which one is the reliable one?

Don’t buy the 4.20, the 4.12 and 6.6s are quite good I believe. Some people have had to run different firmware on the 6.6 though as it would have momentary cutouts


Any chance you could link me to the hobbyking vesc? Having trouble locating it.

search sk8 esc

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$91 … With focbox being $99 right now maybe that’s a better option? Haha

Edit: looks like they ran out now

look at enertions dumb taxes and shipping

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Tb also has a vesc for only 99 cant really beat it

Just so you’re aware, there is a dual 4.20 plus. Its more capable @ 10 and 12s. One member here has been running it 50/50 with no cutouts. I have a feeling all they did was change the caps and add a smart antispark. Trying to figure out what caps they used so I can change mine and be a plus lol.


Just add some extra maybe. I added an extra 13800uf of caps to my TB vesc since I run at 12s and was paranoid of frying them. They have been perfect since

No room. The original runs 3 per and the Plus runs 2 per.

Ahh ok, try asking flipsky what caps they are, or maybe if they would send you some to swap on

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link? 10char

LAZY! Google Flipsky dual 4.20 plus 100a

I think he meant the extra caps lol, @xavier I pulled them out of a broken audio amp, they were about 960uf each if I recall, or something like that. A little bit big, smaller would have been better but I’m fine with it cos they were free


hahaa yeah i meant the caps lol, but thank you ill try find some smaller ones


Just make sure they are at least rated for 63v, I think that’s what mine were, although higher is always better. Also avoid Chinese ones, they sometimes just get a tiny cap and then put it in a big shell lol

Update: Motors ordered and secured a 10s BMS

Now I just need 2x 16t 12mm motor pulley Battery (still deciding Lipos or just purchasing 10s3p Li Ion) Vescs (probably two single flipsky 4.12) Enclosure

The journey continues. Hope to wrap this up by spring/summer

Update! BigBen enclosure has arrived. We speculated that it may fit this deck, but it was only a little off.

I ordered a Landyachtz Switchblade 36 to use as my deck instead.

Motors should be in today or Monday :+1:

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