Blood Diamond | First Build | Custom Manufactured Battery and home made can-bus | Dual Hubs 800 watts

What’s up everyone. I’d like to share you my first build. I wanted to build a board that was basically a cruiser to wonder around Tokyo. I didn’t want a long board and I didn’t want a small board with a bulky battery pack housing. I set out to build my very first prototype board.

Here’s what I created.

The Range 18 km (12 miles)

Top Speed 34 km/h (21.5 mph)

31” cruiser Deck

Motor Dual Hub Motors 400w x2 = 800 Watts

Battery 10s2p Custom designed Battery manufactured in China 22mm slim profile.

Battery and VESC housing. A 22mm thick flower tray lol!!!

For the VESC I also made my own can-bus connector.

I had a lot of fun in creating this board. Made a lot of mistakes and had some failures. (2 burned vescs that had to be repaired) But in the end I created a monster for my first board.

The complete project is truly a wonderful ride and so far the first week with it no issues. I’ve had to redo the flower tray housing three times. Good thing my local store has lots and I bought extra.

What we have is a small compact cruiser deck that is pretty fast for a guy like me.

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One more thing to share. This is my Flower Tray battery pack pretty cool right. Very slim profile. I need to paint it black… but for now this will do.


Which hub motors? Maytech?

Nice build man :+1: I have seen a couple people talking about these custom battery packs from China, how do you get in contact with them? Interested in getting one for myselr

Aloha, here’s a link. I used alibaba

I got my vescs form theses guys too.

My hubs are 400w each. Let me know if you have any other questions about connecting the vescs or bldc.

For the battery I can’t Seem to find the link. I’ll need to go over my records. I bought it last year around November so it’s been awhile.

But what I did do to prepare was I checked the specs of the 10s2p battery on various DIY sites and used that as a foundation. Than I had my housing in mind and built the battery to fit in the housing. Everything worked out really good in the end the vescs the battery and everything lays flat.

My lesson learned was I didn’t need such a thick gauge of wiring. Maybe around 14. My battery is 10gauge.

I added some metal brackets to my battery housing and have made the key and charger come out on one side instead of both. Doesn’t it look so much better?

Should I paint the housing black?