Blowen fuse on vesc how to fix fuse?

i gust got my vesc and put bullet connectors on bust i put them on the rong way and when i plugged the battery’s in i herd a pop and realized what i did and then fixed the connector but i can see where i blown my fuse how can i fix it? thanks

The VESC doesn’t have a fuse. Sounds like you blew a part and need to get it repaired. Have any pics?

plug in power and a usb cable, see if you get a fault code in BLDC tool. Sounds like you might have a blow DRV chip though, which would need to be replaced.

nothing happens when i plug it in

Yea, it’s dead, sorry :frowning:

looks like you’ll need to send it in for repair. I did the same thing once, but luckily on an XT90 anti-spark connector - which melted itself and saved the VESC.

Who did you buy it from? I’d reach out to them to see cost to repair.


could this be it

Once you hit connect it should say it if was able to connect on the bottom right.

no, that’s just your local IP.

repair - send it in.

If you are SMD savvy you could look for blown components and replace them yourself. might be tough though. And if the PCB itself is damaged - it’s most likely just DEAD. Ouch man.

best of luck!