Blowing DRV when putting board in reverse

I’ve gotten two DRV errors both caused by putting the board in reverse when at a stand still. Before the chip goes I heard a pop sound both times. Why is this happening?!?!?

Notes about setup: VESC from TorqueBoards set to current control 10s4p Li Ion battery BLDC motor control 6374 motors with motor max set to 80a All other VESC settings left at TorqueBoards default

Please help me, i’m so lost.

You need to post screenshots of your vesc settings.

Slave vesc should have send status over can enabled. Did you do a successful detection?

What do you mean erpm limit should be checked?

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Whoops… Nevermind. It was a typo. Limit erpm should always be unchecked. Lol.

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Was making sure we were on the same page

Motor detection failed?

Motor detection did not fail either of the VESCs that were on the board when the DRV chip blew. Both seemed to be working fine. The screen shots I shared have the same settings, only I was trying to set up another VESC that was having problems with motor detection when I took the screenshots.

I had same popping sound and it stopped working I tried replacing the capacitors with no luck