Blown anti-spark on off switch

imageI have a 12s5p and my anti-spark on off switch just blew for the first time… did a little reading and see this is common with the mosfets… a few questions… can any direct me to how to figure out which one is bad and how to fix it… also does using xt90 anti-spark connectors help this from ever happening again? What’s the best way to prevent this from happening?


I would say add a xt90s loop key to your board, everyone says they aren’t pretty but they won’t ever fail. There actually are some nice looking ways to mount them with 3D printed parts.

What sort of switch is it? Tb?

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I really like the On off button and would rather figure out how to make it work… I purchased it from someone on here… I think he got it from anti spark heaven… the thread I was reading was from a couple years ago… figured/hoping that issue has been solved??

Well from the picture it doesn’t look like anything is burnt, could I see the other side please? If there is any components on the other side

And a close up of the smaller mosfet, please?

I have a multimeter… can that be used to diagnose?


I can’t really see any visible damage, how did it actually blow up? Did it just stop working

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I had the enclosure off and was messing around trying to organize the wiring… the power button was not inserted into the plastic housing and I just touched the anti spark switch with my finger and it turned the board on… and when I plug the On off button into the housing it will not power off

I don’t quite understand, so you turned it on accidentally and now it won’t turn off? Did it spark or anything like that?

It turned on by itself when I touched the actual anti-spark switch/board itself… the power button wasn’t even connected… super weird… when I plugged the button back on it would not power off… when I connect the xt90 now it sparks louder then usual

Meh always disconnect power before you disconnect the button.

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Good to know. Did not know that

Maybe @JohnnyMeduse might know what happened. Sounds like static shock to me. Where you on carpet by any chance? With socks on

Yeah, but no socks… crap didn’t think about that either

Damn man, you a magician?

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Now what’s interesting is that @longhairedboy adds a detachable switch to his battery pack but no way to disconnect the anti Spark from power. Is there a way to solve this on the pcb?


Ha! It seems I sparked my anti spark

I can help you. If you can’t turn it off then you just shorted the mosfets, they are very prone to be sticked in the close position if there is any short even with your fingers. Do not ever touch the mosfets when they have power, do not connect the antispark without the on/of button plugged in, do not leave the antispark circuit without heat wrap or some kind of insulation.

Here is the procedure.

  1. Check with a multimeter if the negative in and negative out have continuity, if so the mosfets are stucked close.

  2. You can’t test the mosfets in the board, as they are in parallel and when you check one the other will fool you.

  3. Buy 10 mosfets from Mouser.Com, part number IRFS7530-7PPBF, it’s gonna be roughly USD 45 Believe me you will use them. It’s way better than buying a new antispark switch.

  4. Remove both mosfets using a hot air gun at 400C, try to do it quick as posible, if you don’t have a hot air use chip quick from Amazon and a soldering iron

  5. Clean the mosfet and with a multimeter check is its shorted or good using this procedure:

  1. Change only the bad one

  2. Ride your skate again and feel proud to have it repaired yourself with help of your brothers from the forum :smile:


@goldenHusky he is the head in this subject