Blown DRV8302 ? VESC not turning on

Hi guys, Is that a blown DRV and does it looks repairable? VESC does not turn on anymore. I checked it with different wires. And the slave VESC still functions fine.

check the fault codes in bldc tool.

Type fault in the terminal after it’s plugged

Thanks man, the VESC isn’t connecting anymore.

clean it with alcohol, there is lots of dirt around. Looks like there is solder bridging two pins on the DRV in the middle…

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Thanks! Will try that.

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If you can´t solder on a new one, try @Martinsp or @fottaz. They both offer Vesc repairs here in the EU.


Yup, thank you for mentioning me @TarzanHBK You can check it out here @goldrabe

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Thanks for joining. After a thorough cleaning i can not find any trace of damage. But the VESC still gives no sign of life. The blue light isn´t turning on. I was going over a bump when the VESC died. How can i troubleshoot further? Btw. i am located in Japan, so shipping to EU is a pain. I read so much warning about the Maytech shit… Don´t have the money to get better ones at the moment and my board isn´t running F**ing SHT.

I have not read through the thread but have you checked shorted ppwer lines to ground? The drv does not turn on if any led does not.

The VESC get´s hot when connected to the battery, i can not see any shorted power lines.

That’s how the VESC looks after cleaning.

From where you bought that VESC?

From Maytech in China directly.

Did you use alcohol? did you give a good ‘wash’ with it and allow to dry properly? Looks a bit grimy still around the drv8302 chip and maybe usb too

no lights come on with power? no usb discovered on pc?

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Yes led is not turning on no detection from usb. I will try with more alcohol once again. Could the dirt be my only problem?

One of my Torqueboards vesc has the same issues. Doesnt turn on, no LEDs, and does not connect to my computer. It also gets hot when turned on. Did you ever figure out what the problem was @goldrabe?

Try removing u401.


I am not very familiar with VESC layout. Is u401 a component or a does it refer to something plugged into a pin on the vesc?

It is the small 8-legged chip, CAN chip.