Blown torqueboard vesc and battery BMS switch NOT working, need help!

I’ve had my board for a few weeks now with no problems with my setup. I would simply turn on and off my BMS switch to power on and off my electric skateboard. Today I did the usual process only for a one of my two vescs to suddenly catch fire and explode. I have no clue why this happened and cannot see any visible poor connections with only a small amount of spark erosion on the Xt-90 plug of the blown vesc. The battery is a 7s3p li-ion from Eskating.EU and the indicator display won’t switch off when the BMS switch is turned off. Can someone’s help diagnose the issue and also further details on how to fix the battery etc. @torqueboards I have no warranty but I would like to know why this happened to only one of my vescs seeing as I will have to make a repurchase?

Thank you

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Are the sensor pins on the bottom of the vesc puncturing the red positive wire going from the bottom of the vesc?

No they haven’t punctured it and they aren’t making contact with the positive wire.

Are all ur connections covered and nothing exposed?

i kept the vesc in the to ensure no shortages occured and all the wires are intact/covered. My board was untouched since its previous use where everything had worked perfectly. Upon switching it on today, the VESC went up in flames (almost burning down my house). If you look at the pictures the fire started from a specific VESC component which i don’t know the name of.

It’s very blurry. Can u reatake it?

Shall I remove the plastic around the VESC for a clearer picture?

If u could

Do u know where the explosion started from. I mean the whole thing is black


When I get home I will take a look at mine to see what that is

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Can’t really tell

0kay thanks for the help, much appreciated!

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