Blue Bear | Custom Deck | Enertion Trucks | SK3 192kv | Custom Mount | 10S3P sleds | VESC

Hi all, this is my first electric longboard build. It has taken a few months to get all the parts together but I have finally finished it. Most of the board is custom built including the motor mount, deck, case and battery pack. Below I have inserted the specs of the board and some pictures taken throughout the build.

Specs: Motor- Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 192k ESC- Enertion VESC Deck- Custom Mount- Custom Case- Custom Trucks- enertion 50d trucks Wheels- 83mm enertion power wheels Bearings- enertion abec 9 bearings Remote- FS-GT2B 3CH 2.4GHZ Radio Model Control Transmitter + Receiver Pulley- enertion 12mm pulley kit (15t\36t) BMS- SuPower 36V 60A 10S BMS Batteries- Samsung INR18650 25R 2500MAH (from fasttech) (10S3P configuration in sleds) charger- SuPower Lithium Ion Battery Charger Li-ion LiPo 10S 42V 2A

Photos: original wiring diagram custom deck made from two pieces of 9mm marine plywood

deck bottom spray painted and covered with polyurethane varnish diy motor mount made from a piece of aluminium and a scrap block of jarrah timber Diy case from aluminium and black painted acrylic case painted, assembled and attached to deck with screw-in insert nuts all parts arrived and ready to be put together sleds wired together with 12 AWG wire and balance wire connected The card wedge is there to help keep strain off the balance wire 18650s put in the sleds and holding the cells tightly . charging port and loop key charged the board up without any problems after programming the vesc Finished board


What wood is the marine plywood made out of?

The marine plywood is from bunnings (link below) and it only shows is that it’s made from mixed hardwood.

Ah cool. I’m Aussie too. Tell me how that goes, pretty sure hardwood isn’t great for boards. I’m making 3 bamboo decks with fibreglass currently. And then doing some Canadian maple decks with integrated electronics. The hardwood is pretty cheap so if it works well for you I might prototype with it for my integrateds.

How long does your battery take to charge?

Those sleds look like a nice alternative to welding. Where did you get them? And can you give an estimate of the total cost you made for the battery only?

The case made of aluminium and plexiglass is a nice idea as well.

How did you make it so the motor mount is clamped tight on the truck? Did you put a setscrew, or hammer it into place?

I wish this battery design that you build was something that you could buy. Great build btw Love it

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Around 2-3 hours because of the 2A charger but the batteries can take 4A if I get a different charger.

The sled are from eBay the link is below they cost $17. the batteries cost around $150 from fasttech, Bms cost around $35, battery indicator $8, the charger was around $15 and the wires cost $5. so all up around $230 AUD.


Just made it a tight fit and hammered it onto the truck. go for a few rides with it now on some bumpy road and it is holding up great, hasn’t moved at all.

Love this build mate especially the battery enclosure :slight_smile:

How does it feel riding a flat board? Does it feel different without a concave ?

Thanks for the info. Will keep this in mind for my first build, but might start out with lipos first. Not decided yet hehe

Can you send a better picture how you have mounted the enclosure?