Blue Hex | 10S3P 25R | Dual Focbox | 6374’s

It’s been a long journey getting to this point. I started off not knowing how to skate, just thinking how cool esk8 boards looked. Initially I brought a cheap cruiser style deck, VESC, 30x Samsung 25R’s to spot weld a cheeky pack together.

In a poor effort to contain my excitement I threw everything together with zip ties and hope and ran out to the streets to see if what I built was any good. Holy hell it was fun, I was useless but even still it was the most fun I’d had in ages!

After that I went through upgrade after upgrade, from machining my own motor mounts to buying them, from making my own nasty looking kydex enclosure to buying a tidy ABS one from diyelectricskateboard, one motor to two, one VESC to two Focbox’s, Caliber trucks to TB210’s, cheap deck to a Rayne Amazon deck, added an anti-spark switch, urethane wheels to 6" pneumatic’s and probably more stuff that I can’t remember.

I’ve got not a most up-to-date photo but it’s looking a little better than in that last photo. I’ve painted the edges of the deck that I chopped off to fit the pneumatic’s and replaced the hex grip tape bits that fell off.

If anyone’s interested I’ve got a slightly longer/more detailed write up on my blog

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