Bluetooth Adapter for VESC

Hey eSk8!

With a hurricane coming my way I had some time to work on a BLE Adapter for the VESC to work with Jacob’s app. I used 5-pin JST connections since it’s what i had available to me today, but shipped models will have 7-pin connection.

I noticed my latest Enertion VESC did not have the 7-pin JST on the board so I soldered a 5-pin JST on to it real quick to confirm it worked with as well and my VESC.

Adaptor worked fine with both VESC! Made a quick Video and now adapters will be on pre-order for a few weeks while I gather the materials to make about 50 for sale.


Is it possible to have one shipped to Sweden?


Is the HC-05 or HM-10?

I thought Jacobs app had a lot of bugs?

Anyways, love the competition. It’s about time that Bluetooth modules become the standard for vesc’s.

I personally wish vedder would build one in to the VESC.


Hm-10. At least, that’s what it looks like and that’s what I used and it works.

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At least there will be a nrf24l01 on board.

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@Norrmalm yup, just pm me or email me and I can let you know the shipping charges, it shouldn’t be too much.

@rpn314 I’m using HM-10

@evoheyax yup it does have a few. Main functions are really solid though and realtime stats are really useful to see when riding. I’ll be donating to Jacob from the sale of these adapters, just wanted to get more people out there using these apps. I’ll send some money your way too if these modules are compatible with your app as well.

Whats the price?

The link in the original post has them for pre-order at $19.99


Thank you 10 characters

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Anytime! 10 chars

Once i get my motors i gotta buy a pair of these. Can i use just one for both vesc?

Im in miami too

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yeah so for programming you would need two Bluetooth adaptors one for each vesc if you didn’t want to be switching the Bluetooth adaptor between vesc. After they are programmed however if you set it up for canbus you just need one on the main vesc and that one will read all the information and relay it back to the app.

My suggestion though. Is just get one for reading the information. Jacobs app is still a bit buggy and the programming does not always work over Bluetooth from my testing. The realtime data is the main reason I use this to see how efficient my boards are running

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To add onto @oriol360, it is theoretically possible to have a single bluetooth module change the parameters of both VESCs using the CAN-bus between them, however I don’t believe that any app is configured to do that (including Jacob’s). And I have heard of some buggy-ness using Jacob’s app with a single VESC, as @oriol360 said.

I’m in the process of researching how I can access data from slave vesc’s that are connected via canbus. You should only need one.

Btw, I don’t believe my app is compadible with this chip. The Bluetooth communication class im using was written specifically for the adafruit chip.

hello can anybody confirm that using a 3-wire throttle on UART with a bluetooth module is possible ??

@oriol360 Is the app opensource? I’d like to contribute. I know it’s on the market. I just can’t find anything on git or bitbucket. My repos are here if you’d like to see I can pretty much figure out whatever most of the time.


currently that has not been tested as all our remotes are ppm signals. But I would recommend using the uart port for one applications whether it’s remote or Bluetooth.

@SeanHacker yeah it’s in stock at my online store. It’s plug and play with the raptor. Vesc code and app codes are all open source so you can code your own app to read the hm-10 ble from this adaptor

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Sweet. Thanks! Purchased @oriol360

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well I cannot use a remote because I use VESC for E-bike use so I need the 3-wires for hall twist-throttle ADC - GND - 3.3V