Bluetooth Apps Connection Problem

I recently bought a HM10 BT Module:

(CC2541 4.0 Bluetooth UART Transceiver Module Transparent Serial Port HM-10 TE476)

I can connect without any problems on my iPhone via BLDC Tool App (VESCConnect) and per BT Serial App, but no other apps work like: Vesc Status, VESCLogger and perimetr.

Anyone had similar problems?

The baud rate may be different. Also a regular HM10 wont work with Metr or Perimetr because you need to buy the specific METR bluetooth module. Do you have the tx and rx pins crossed?

Yeah, as i said, it works with VESCConnect without problems. I knew that I need a extra module for metr but not for perimetr. Although the others still do not function, except VESCconnect.

Pins are crossed

I was wondering about this (whilst trying to decide which Bluetooth module to buy and which app to use)… Will other apps work with the metr module?

i think that other apps will work.

still has anyone an idea why i cant find the devices?