Bluetooth BMS with Bluetooth/UART

Found this BMS while browsing alibaba

I ordered one for science.

Do you think it’s possible to use the BMS UART port to communicate with the VESC ? If there was a communication between the controller and the BMS it would be fantastic . Like in EV

I have one installed on my CGT. I love it I’ll never use one without bluetooth again.

EDIT: there is also a huge thread on endless-sphere about this BMS that I found:

Screenshot_20181126-111454_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111448_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111407_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111442_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111400_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111425_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111414_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111410_xiaoxiang Screenshot_20181126-111353_xiaoxiangScreenshot_20181126-111902_xiaoxiang


Looks great ! I will install it directly Where can I find the app ?

My bms came with a sticker on it with this link. It’s for android only.


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I tried to install the app but I can’t open it it’s crashing I guess I 'll wait and see the link the seller gives me

Did you get the app to work? It crashes for me :frowning: