Bluetooth issue on Dual FSESC 4.20 Plus

Hi everyone, Just built my first ever eskateboard last night. It is the BKB Duo kit, with the Dual FSESC 4.20 Plus VESC. The kit came with a bluetooth module which I believe is called an NRF51 bluetooth module. Here is a photo of it:

The issue I’m having is that the BKB directions say to plug this into the port labelled C2 on the VESC (shown in photo). This did not work (no light on module and no bluetooth signal) so I plugged it into the C1 port and it lit up, my xmatic app found it but said “Connecting to default device, connecting to VESC, Failed to connect, retrying…”. My phone listed the bluetooth module as visible.

I decided to download the VESC Tool to try to see if there was a setting causing the module to not work correctly. After connecting the VESC Tool to my VESC, the bluetooth module no longer works on C1 or C2, and I can’t even see a light on it anymore. I did not run a firmware update or a motor wizard… I was careful not to.

Any ideas?

Is uart enabled on that side of the esc? If you hardwire into it

Thanks for the suggestion. By hardwire do you mean via USB with VESC Tool. Where in VESC Tool would I verify that the UART is enabled on that side? Sorry, first time using VESC Tool software.

Yea usb connect vs Bluetooth.

It’s under the app settings general. Probably the first thing off the top of my head. Laptop isn’t around to look for you.

Your master side is the side with the ppm hard wired to it. The other side is the one you need to flip or check for uart.

The master should show ppm and uart as a communication.

You can use the activate can forward to see the opposite side your hardwired to or disconnect and plug the usb into the other