Bluetooth Module HM 10 questions

Hi guys,

I’m wanting to buy an HM 10 BT module to do some on the fly VESC programming. I’m confused about the fact that I’m running two TB’s VESC’s. Does that mean I need two BT modules? Just how does that work? I would love to not have to pop off the enclosure every time I want to change settings! I would like to use ACKMANIAC’s app and probably others.

Also I can’t find anywhere online that has them in stock at the moment. Anyone have any sources for them?

okey so basically if you run the two vescs in canbus and connect the bt module to the master, it changes the settings of the slave with it.

@JLabs has a plug and play unit available at


I have the Bluetooth module on the slave vesc both vesc change

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Ok cool that was what I was thinking/hoping. Thank you for the link, I’m definitely going to check it out !

I am actually running both my VESC’s over canbus! Thing is I was told that when you program the VESC’s through the VESC tool on PC you always do each one separately (without the canbus connected)? That doesn’t apply when using the BT module?