Bluetooth Module Won’t Connect

I know there are a lot of other posts like this, but I couldn’t quite find the answer I was looking for. I have an iPhone SE, and I set up the module like the tutorial says, but the Xmatic app keeps saying connecting to Vesc… When I look in my phones Bluetooth connections, it says it’s connected to the module, HM SOFT. Any thoughts?

did you set buadrate to 9600?

Yup, that and set it to ppm & uart

try turning it off and on. :joy:

nah anyways try another app.


10 char

try a different bluetooth app like @Ackmaniac

He has one for iOS? I looked but couldn’t find it

hmm not sure bout that

Yeah pretty sure he doesn’t

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Anybody else have any ideas?

What is the pinout of your BT?

Sorry, I’m not following

Alright I seem to have every thing sorted oit. Thanks for the help Alan and Johnny :slight_smile:

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What was the issue?

I believe that the module was shipped with the wires in reverse order, so I in plugged the connector and flipped itimage image