Bluetooth Speaker

So I have tried many Bluetooth speakers while I ride and while in an enclosed room they all sound great I just can’t hear any of them as I ride until now.

I got the UE Boom2 speaker 1200

I hook it to my backpack and just ride it last all day and is super loud so you can hear it as you ride and so can people around you.

What speakers do you guys use?


I use a JBL flip 4, of all the speakers I’ve tested before buying, it was the best sounding

Hook it up to the straps of my backpack in the front, this way is easy to change volume and skip/pause

Wish I could bring my bedroom sound system on the board, but a 1,8m tall subwoofer is not really portable


In before “People that use speakers while riding are disrespectful” blah blah blah.

To those who may complain: At minimum your going 10 mph and you can always turn it down when you stop at a light. Fuck up.

Now to answer the question, I use 2 JBL Clip 2 (not 3) and use their daisy chain feature to link them together. I eventually wan to get ont of the bigger JBL’s


I have the same speaker except mine is blue. I do the same as you. My buddies and I enjoy the tunes as we ride.

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IMG_20180912_075606432 Small and loud enough :grin:full charge 2hours it’s enough for me. Got it from Walmart $15.00 3 years ago.

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HAHA! I expect folks on here or anywhere to say it. I try to be very respectful because I am running with a speaker. Therefore, I have a specific playlist I run, mostly old school hip-hop/R&B(clean), little 80’s as if I am in a GTA mission, 90’s rock, and some MJ & Prince…why, because I am a grown ass man. I listen to what the hell I want.


IMO listening to music while walking/biking etc makes you look like a dousch bag unless your going 30mph and pass everyone fast

except skiing because listening to edm while bombing hills pumps your adrenaline by 5 points and its cool to see


Lol I look like an ass all geared up in 90+ degree weather and blasting music haha


Its ok if your on some festival or something like that, but there’s lots of UK people who come to a festival here to rave and snort cocaine on an island really close to me and then they come to the old city core and blast music on their UE Booms acting bad ass and doing shit. makes me want to punch them in the face


To that point, I really wanted to try the Boose sound wear, they say it focus most of the sound on you and the reviews say it sound great, unfortunately too expensive

Also only use the speaker when riding outside the city

I actually use bluetooth ear buds on bike trails and mute them if I have to ride on streets. Been doing it since I got the board in January and never had a problem. Just gotta keep the volume down so I can hear bikers bitch at me when I pass them.


LOL… just pictured, Some guy blasting EDM on a bluetooth speaker while riding an esk8 doing a line of coke! That would be some Charlie Sheen type shit.

On another note, I could care less what someone thinks about me while I am riding. Hell as if people don’t already think you are a douchebag for riding an esk8. ALTHOUGH, I just thought of a new song to my playlist… Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield. That shit might be my theme song as I get on my board!

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Well where I live there is always a bigger asshole lol.

People blast music at 3am shaking windows and tuned cars blasting down the highway at 200mph at 2am lol

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I tried that at Best buy I did not like it at all

for the music i would call the people and tell them to lower the music or you would call the police, let the racers race better at 2am than 2pm :smiley: less chances of anyone getting hurt

808 Thump


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Thanks for letting me know, never found them around here to try

Ah it’s random people, so many people have over done stereo systems in there car down in the southern part of the US, some of these guys have to run 2 or 3 alternators to power their set ups.

Lol Miami does produce a special type of asshat… But your women are epic… The Colombian women there are my kryptonite …and Cuban… Dominican… Shit, ok ok… all Latin women dammit.

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