BMB Deck complete. Battery enclosure made 43.61 Volts of badassness!😉

Hey guys. So My first decks complete. The Battery enclosure I’m redoing as shown with new mold. I used the deck vacuum bag and it worked but too thick for fine detail composite vacuuming. But got workflow down. Excited as shit to finish this bad boy. Sautering Bms and battery’s together today. Next I’m damn for sure camming my own dang ats.12 motor mount. Tired of searching. Lol.


Wow, that’s a beautiful deck man.

Thank you!. First one ever🤗

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Wait. Did you make the deck?

Is that some high density foam you are using as mold for your enclosure? How long does it take to carve out the shape on your xcarve?

It’s just R foam from home Depot. Took about 3 1/2 hours or so.

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Yes. I did the walnut mahogany glue up myself and resaw to veneer. And I ordered the maple veneers from roarockit with vacuum press. I worked at Austin Hardwoods in Denver for 2 years doing glueups crown moulding and stuff.

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Wow that’s awesome. Looks great man.

Thanks. appreciate it!. ALOT of woodworking came from lutherie. built 42 acoustic guitars before this as well. Under Todd Johnston of Oracle Guitars. He’s built for a number of Grammy winners and showed me the stuff!.:wink:. Gave me 10 kit guitars with zero matching parts and told me to figure it out and make em work!. So I did. Austin Hardwoods gave me big shop machine experience. Decks are like guitars same thickness veneer. .060" or .0625 technically. Lol. Deck bends in a vacuum bag around foam are FAR easier than a guitar side on a bending iron. Lol


Thats a next build. Nice Deck

Gorgeous Deck!! Even better looking Battery Packs. May I ask where did you buy this Deck? Also, would you have any interest in building myself a pack… Exactly the same. What are your BMS Discharge settings??

I made the entire deck by hand actually. And lasered my own griptape. Battery’s I did too. Thank you for the compliment!!. Yeah love to build you a battery pack!. Decks are available as well if you’d like one.