BMS 10s - 12s suppliers?

I am looking for 10s or 12s BMS with 60-80a discharge.

All I am finding is either Bestech or Suppower


Are there any other suppliers ? Cheaper alternatives ?

not sure… I use Supower. with with an xt90 antispark or a high voltage on off switch

A good BMS is hard to find

I looked around a lot and these 2 are pretty much it. Bestech’s shipping is fast and more affordable than Supower. Bestec has built in on/off switch More FET’s and heat sinks.

@Namasaki can you actually order it off of bestech’s site? i didnt see a buy button and I didnt see anything elsewhere on the internet that matched the picture on their site

gotta email [email protected]. Funny enough I just sent them an email for another order.

oh ok got it. will they do single orders or is there a minium? I am using some standard lipo chargers now but this looks quite appealing and its not too expensive

minimum 2 BMS purchase.

oh hmm well maybe I’ll just stick with my lipo chargers then

How much do they cost?

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