BMS Amperage rating

Hi I am building board with a 10s3p Li-Ion battery with two MOTOR 190KV and VESC.

I am planning on purchasing this BMS but is unsure on whether what amperage it should be? For example if my battery pack is capable of outputting 60A and I purchase a 60A BMS, does that mean that each VESC/Motor will only be able to draw 30A?

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone is looking for a group buy or selling a BMS eswitch, please let me know. Thank you

The one you linked has a continuous discharge rating of 80A, but yes if you buy a 60A BMS (continuous discharge rating) then each motor will only be able to draw 30A each consistently.

I’m not sure here but I think in bursts more current may be drawn but only for a very short period of time.

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The Vesc is capable of 50a continuous and bursts up to 200a The Bestech 80a bms is capable of 80a continuous and bursts up to 240a Your battery will be the limiting factor.

I’m trying to buy a bestech bms also. I’ll see if I can include yours in the order if you’d like. I’ll let you know on the cost then have you PayPal me the money for it plus the shipping from me to you.

Great thank you. Are you shipping to the United States?

Yes I’m in the US