BMS and Samsung INR18650 25R

Edit: (I found two BMS would you recommend one of the for charging only)?

Hey, i have some questions about a selfmade Liion-Pack. I plant to do it like i draw in the Picture. Maybe if u would say it is better i would do an 4p?

Now the Problem is, where can i buy the Batterys? Good: In the EU / Better: In Germany …and if it would be cheap then also Asia and CO. I would be very happy if you could share an link :slight_smile:

And the second problem is: (Yes i read the Post about BMS :wink: ) Which BMS can you recommend to charge the pack? Would be also very happy about a Link.

And the most probleme here is how to bypass (I read that in a nother post). Maybe someone have a link to a tutorial. or can draw a shema?

I am an electrician technician, but i dont know how i can charge with the BMS. Do i only put DC-12V to it and the BMS do the rest? or do i need more V then the Pack has (22,2V)

Maybe important Infos: Planned for the board is a SK3~200kv, X-Car ESC

Thanks for all the Help!

I linger on the endless sphere forum for information such as yours. For cells, you can message tumich on the endless sphere forum to see if he has the Samsung 18650 25R. He is in the EU. Please check to make sure supplier is giving legitimate cells and test them when you get them to confirm capacity stated. The comments for tumich can vouch to his reputation.



Thanks i will contact him.

One more important question: When I have a pack of 22v can I give the bms 12v and it will work or do I need, maybe a 24v power source?..

nice share there…i have been looking for some Samsung packs… thanks mate

you will need a charger that matches the cells voltage at full charge. Lipo and some Li-ions are 3.7v nominal and 4.2v at full charge. So, for 6s you’ll need at least 24v to charge. 12v will not work.

Thanks Namasaki, now i can begin to build :slight_smile: When i am ready i will share the whole project and all details of the pack.

planned is a 6s (22V) Pack and at least 60A continuous current. is the cheapest and probably best place in Europe to buy cells. Pretty sure that’s where @whitepony buys them.

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tumich only has very few selected cells - I bought many sanyo ga off him - it wont get cheaper than that! he rarely had low capacity high drain types though!

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