Bms balance cables too wide for bms

Hi everyone

I need yall help with this problem. My balancing cables don’t fit into my bms. Can I get some kind of adapter to make it work or do I need to get new balancing cables?


Use the cable that came with the bestech, you need to check the order of your balance cables and make sure are in the right order

Did you forget the cables or am I blind?

they usually come with cables, was there none with it?

No 10chara

Ah ok, i hadnt even opened it didnt notice there wasnt one with it


How do I fix this?

Should I just get new bms wires?

what the pitch is different? just get a new connector, easier than soldering wires on the bottom you do not want those balance leads touching the wrong pin or something

You mean the ‘bundle’ at the end of the cables right?

Do you know where I can get a new one?

the white part at the end of your cable ask here on the forum, im not sure whats the size of it (distance between the pins) but when you find the size it should be easy to find

I’m measuring 2.4 centimetres

And if I counted correctly 11 pins

Only solder or work on one balance wire at a time. Don’t cut or remove another one until that one is finished on the new connector.


:arrow_up: that right there is good advice. Stagger the joints too. If you go with crimping on new pins and connector then again do them one at a time and check they have crimped properly. Silicon wire can be tricky to crimp.

So I found this one:

There’s another one on the website with 12 pins. But not 11 like I’m looking for. I’ve seen 11pin on another website but they charge almost 10 euros for a min quantity of 10

Bestech usually packages the bms and balance cables in separate bags so you need to get the correct cable from who ever you bought the bms from.

I bought the bms from @ShawnyP but he claims there’s no cables with it. Although I do think I see cables with the one he listed. I checked the stamps and it turns out I got a different bms than this one. Model is the same though.


A supower 150a bms is not the same like a bestech 80a d594… Which you bought from him? On the picture there are white balance wires in the bestech pack…if you bought this one than there should be wires inside. Was the pack open or closed when you got it?

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image The bestech one.

I’m pretty sure it was closed.

Let me explain my theory lol.

If you look closely to the blue stamp on the one I got, you see some blue is slightly over the line where it says ‘1PCS’.

If you look at the advertised product. This is not the case.

Really weird it’s both the same date!!

Edit: It’s a different one. So that’s solved but cable still missing… :confused:

Bestech has a min order of 2 pieces. And the one you got is not the one in the picture. It’s the same type and the same production, but you also should get your balance wires with it…

Sorry to say like this, but I can’t imagine that the guy who sold you the bms didn’t know if there wires inside or not. It’s not a black box where you can’t look through.

Did you get in contact with him besides the thread here? As there are wires on the picture and you didn’t get what’s on the picture he maybe still have the wires laying around and is willing to sent you them?