Bms balance cables too wide for bms

I did.

No he says there aren’t any wires left… He also said he was surprised to find out there wasn’t any cables with it.

Did you already find a solution to it? You found plugs? Or you gonna solder them directly on?

I did not.

I’m afraid I have to yes. My soldering skills are like -5 so I’ll first have to practise. But nevertheless I would never trust myself to solder with this little space in between the pins.

Than better try to get the plugs and crimp. Or First solder the balance wires to the bms, make sure there is no contact between them and than solder them to the single pack. There is more room and less changes to short something

This good?

You need an 11 pin JST-XH pig tail.

something like the 11 pin one from here

i can only find them in lots of 10 from anywhere but as I’m in Australia I’m sure I can’t see any of the stores you may have access to.

Good luck.

EDIT: Looks like i was wrong. It is JST-EH. Same pitch but different locking.