BMS Balancing Cable Length | How long is ok


TL;DR: Is it ok to have your BMS 65cm far away from your Batteries?

Context: I am currently building my first board, it uses a @Charster10 board, 3 4S 25C LiPo’s in series and lots of other fancy stuff you will soon see on a big build post, once my Carvon motors arrive in a couple weeks. Since I am going for boosted board alike look I have 1 enclosures on each end of the board. I used clay to model the enclosures I would later on use as a base for my fiberglass + resin. Turns out the BMS I’ll be using makes it really hard to make the battery enclosure look decent if both are in it. Now I’m looking to stuff all the electronics with the BMS in the enclosure on the opposite side, around 65cm of cable distant from the batteries. Do I have to worry about induction voltage, too high resistances or anything else in this case or am I fine? I have already upgraded my VESC’s Capacitors from 3 to 5 caps (of equal stats) each to have 66% more capacitance, 2 times 3400µF which should be well enough to protect my VESC’s especially if I intertwist the powercables. But are there any issues when having balancing wires that long, should I add more caps somewhere or twist those 12 wires too? Sorry for my ignorance I couldn’t find info on this anywhere on this forum so I thought clearing this up would help other 2SideBuilders too.


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Yes no problem.

Thank you :smile: