BMS & Batterypack for electric offroad board

Hi there,

I am relatively new to the topic of self-made electric boards and therefore I have some questions about using the right BMS, because I will weld my battery pack myself.

I have a truck/motor/tire/vesa set from Aliexpress with 2x 1650 watt 36v motors, with a nominal current of 90A in total. I also have 2x 10x 21700 cells, each with 4500mah and 40A max discharge current ( ).

I’m not sure whether the 80A max current from the parallel connection of the 2p10s battery pack is sufficient for the motors or whether I should expand the pack to 3p 10s?

In addition, I am not sure what BMS to choose. I picked out this BMS with a continues discharge rate of 60A (enough?) and a sparcling current of 200A (I am not sure what that means):

I hope you can give me some advice and thanks in advance for your answers (;