BMS: can someone tell what kind of BMS this is?

After talking to the electronics guy at work about my electrical longboard, he gave me some old equipment they don’t use/need anymore - to “recycle” it. It was an 8S1P battery with huge LiFePO4 cells (10Ah, size 38120 I think and its own BMS (actually two small ones wired together)) but also two separate 12S BMSs. What I don’t have is a manufacturer of the BMS because there is no label and now I was hoping somebody here might be able to tell me if I can actually use this for building a 18650 battery pack.

Here is a picture:

PS: As an additional question: Is a 10S2P configuration possible with Sony VTC4 cells? They are apparently rated at 30A discharge so 2 should give me the same level as 3P Samsung 25R cells. Is that correct? That would make for a lightweight pack with more than 150Wh.

So it seems there is indeed something printed on the board: JPB-F12S46.8V40ABT

So I guess it is for LiFePO4 cells :’(

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