Bms + charger good one

Hi everyone Where did you buy your bms and charger? I bought in battery support but the shipping killing me bms 12s 150a plus charger is like 214 shipping included Thank you

I got my Bestech 12s 80A BMS through @Acido´s groupbuy.

I ordered my charger from Aliexpress, shipping was quite fast. Check it out, it works great. It stays cool during charging since it has an aluminium case and the charge time is really good (4 Amp).

@thisguyhere charge only bms $33 shipped and 2 amp 12s charging brick ebay for 36.95:


Check this site out. They have what you need.

Yes thank you But no bms 12s 150a :sob::sob::sob: But thank you

For a 150A 12S setup you need any amperage BMS and use something like @Kug3lis new antispark to control discharge

So like a 12S 10A BMS and a 300A antispark switch which is wired in “bypass” or not discharging through the BMS but directly from the battery