BMS charging current - Help!

Hi guys!

I have been charging my esk8 with a simple Li-Po charger for a while now but it’s just too much work. I want to install a BMS for a more easy to use esk8. I have a few questions tho’.

  1. First of all i’m worried about the charging current. I have 2x 6s 5500mAh lipos connected in series so we’ll call it a 12s 5500mAh battery pack. I want to charge at 1C so right now i simply set my charger to 5.5A.

How does this work with a BMS? Is the charge current limit set by the power supply? And if so, won’t the power supply overheat if the batteries tries to grab more power than it can handle? Or does the PS have a limit/cutoff? I really don’t want to melt my batteries by charging them with a too high current.

  1. I understand that the PS (power supply) needs tho have a slightly higher voltage than the maximum charge of my battery pack, so in my case I would try to get close to a 52V supply? Since the fully charged battery pack is 50,4V.

Thanks in advance boys and girls :slight_smile:

Active chargers charge different then passive chargers.

Just grab a 12s charger (50.4v) 5a and a BMS and call it a day. 5A

Or 6A

You do not want a higher then full charge voltage with passive chargers.

I know your lipo charger probably goes up to 4.25/cell while balance charging. And it rests at 4.18-4.20 but…it doesn’t work that way with a BMS and passive charger.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply! :slight_smile: I’ll order some stuff right away :slight_smile: