Bms choise good or bad

Wanted to know if anyone has brought this bms.

Would only be using for charging.

checked it: “6. Balance Charging - NO” soooo don´t use it

O that’s odd what’s the point in that then.

This one it must be then

I use a bms which looks exactly like your first link, and it charges my 6s system perfectly. here is the link to mine I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s held up fine. I think it doesn’t balance but stop charging cells when they reach 4.2v so essentially I think it does the same thing.

this one has a strange over charging number at over 4,3V which is strange.

Does it stop charging if one cell hit 4.2v then stop the rest as other wise may as well not use it.

amps too low for discharge

Just get it from SuPower or Besttech, tried and tested, and as cheap as you can find.

i am doing my first build and i am going to build my battery pack from cells i toke from laptop batteries and i am not going to use a BMS, i know many people say its a must but this is how i see it , i can not trust a bms that i dont know if it works or not and i dont know when its broken or not and it can cut power off your board when you exceed the amps it has or if a sell fails, i think thats a choise i should make myself , and about balancing batteries , i am going to wire my batterie with the balancing wires and charge it with a balance changer , that way each time i charge my pack i know its balanced

Well I’m using a bms to only charge. So for discharge power goes straight from battery to switch the esc. But charging goes through bms so no need for a balance charger just laptop style charger.

A good BMS, Like the ones @chinzw recommended will protect each cell from over discharging and from over charging by regenerative brakes.(If using a Vesc which has regen brakes) This is why it’s such a good idea to spend a little extra for a quality BMS than can handle discharge amps. Especially if your building a pack out of used laptop batteries. It’s unlikely that they will discharge evenly. And you can trust your bms if you buy a known quality brand.