BMS Current Cutoff Questions

Hello All,

I am in the middle of my BMS project (part school, part interest), that is designed to handle high current eboard applications, as well as be fairly easy for anyone to understand / build themselves. Think Arduino architecture, easyish assembly (though hole and large smd components), as well as all the communications out that you would need (CAN, SPI, I2C, etc…) to integrate with other devices. I have built BMS units for solar cars in the past, and want to bring what I learned to the eboard community.

As much as I want to build a BMS for myself, I also want to get out riding! This leads me to find a BMS that will work for the short term.

For this 10s BMS linked here looks like it should match the pack that I have, however there are very few specifications listed. A second 10s unit is listed here and also has next to no specifications

In comparison the 13s BMS from (what looks like) the same manufacture has an actual specifications table listed. The BMS in question is linked here

I have endlessly searched for the manufacture of these boards to confirm the specifications of the 10s unit, but if possible, I would like some input from the community to confirm my thoughts.

  1. Would the cutoff current be the same between the two boards? They are both rated for 45A continuous, with 100A peak. The 13s version states that it will disconnect around 120A. So if I am correct in my estimate - the 10s board I am looking at should cutoff around 120A as well? I am running a VESC unit so I can of course add in limits there, but I just dont want the BMS stepping in before the 100A mark.
  2. Is it possible to run these 13s units as a 10s? I know it is possible on other BMS units by not connecting the top 3 balance leads, and double checking everything with a voltmeter before plugging it in, but I wouldnt mind some confirmation with these units.

My end goal is to have something that will let me go out and ride, not catch fire, and not destroy my batteries. Are either of these units recommed-able (even for the short term), or should I go with a bypass discharge unit and only use a BMS to charge the system?

Side note - if anyone has / knows of anyone selling a new or used Bestech, BatterySupports, or DieBieMS BMS in North America feel free to point them my way, I am happy to take an extra BMS!

I appreciate the help in advance