BMS displaying strange readings

Hi all, my spacecell 4 (10s4p) never been charged before sat at 13%, for over a month whilst i was soldering all the parts and setting up the board including testing bldc settings. when i finally mounted the battery to the board it display 54% instead. I rode it for half an hour for the first time today and it went to 0%. Starting to charge it from 0% i checked on it two minutes later and it was 60% 30 minutes later, its now 70% Not sure whats going on here.

Sounds like a loose nickel strip or batteries sitting too long without charge

anyway i can check either of those?

Go through all ur nickel strips and see if u can lift any up, then check ur cell voltage of each parallel group

From the stips ive seen they are all solidly connected but most of them are all siliconed into the casing. BMS shows 71% charge and 35.3V, also shows an L 9 on start up where i thought it said L3 before. multimeter says each pack is 3.5V