BMS draining P-group issue

I am using a Bestech D127 11s BMS for an 11s3p 30q pack. The cells are from imrbatteries. I had to replace the 2nd and 3rd P groups due to what I now believe was the BMS draining them. I just checked again and the same groups are sitting at 3.7 while the others are at 3.9v.

The BMS came with one extra balance wires so the first balance wire connects to the P-1 neg and the rest connect to P-n positives. I triple checked my wiring. The bms is constantly warm too.

Is this BMS just faulty? It’s brand new from Li-tech power. I am just confused as it’s only affecting P groups 2 and 3. Thank you for your time.

I have a battery balancer thingy and it works by draining the higher voltage packs to the lower voltage ones So it may be that you bms is doing that and its because of it Im not an expert on them so… Do you have another battery to test the bms?

Unfortunately I do not. I am leaving it on the charger to see if it will do its job. I may just have to order another one and deal with Litechpower’s customer service but I’m not hopeful that they will help me.

So I took it off the charge since I had to go to class and the high voltage went from 4.22v -> 4.17 and the low groups went from 3.94 -> 3.90v.

Does this sound right? The BMS is bleeding off the high groups AND the low groups :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. If I leave it on the charger will it eventually be brought back up?

Its normal for the cells to fall back down a little post charging, but im not sure if the numbers you supplied are in the “normal” or “acceptable” range… its .04/.05v, seems that its ok

I’m gonna do some more testing and see if they go outside that range. So far P(1, 4-11) are all sitting stable at 4.17v. I am attempting to bring both P groups up but my single cell charger is 1A max.

BMS unplugged = no drain on P groups 2 and 3. Guess it must be faulty. Going to wire a D140 12s as an 11s.