BMS Emitting High Pitched Noise

Wondering if anyone has had any experience trouble shooting a BMS that emits a high pitched noise when powered on and after powering off - though not after being plugged in. As it is currently, when I press the power button my vescs light up momentarily, then shut off and a high pitched noise can be traced to the BMS. This high pitch noise can be heard until the power cord is plugged in. The cord can then be unplugged and the noise will have stopped. Also note that while the circuit is plugged into the charger the vescs are able to function properly.

Yesterday, I was able to power on the board and ride it meaning that there were no problems before. After riding it for a short time, I plugged it in to the charger and let the red light (on the charger) turn green (indicating a full charge). Once it reached a full charge I unplugged it and didnt attempt to power it on until today where I noticed this problem.

Here is a photo of the wiring that I have. Sorry for the confusion on the battery positive/ negative wires - the black wire with white electrical tape is the battery positive and the red wire with black electrical tape is battery negative. All other wires are normal (red-positive, black-negative)

here is a video of it not functioning:

Any help is appreciated, thanks.