BMS Failure while connecting

So i just finished my 12S batterypack and wanted to connect my BMS System. My BMS is the HCX D196 from Bestech. As soon i connected the JST Plug i’ve seen some little smoke plume, just really really tiny. I’ve checked everything twice but i still have no clue what was wrong. Maybe someone had the same experience like me here… i don’t want to let my battery die because of a stupid mistake…

This is the spot where i think the smoke leaked:

The JST plug with the balancing cables

The B- port

The whole battery pack, i measured from the + to every balance lead, everything correct.

The BMS PCB, top left you see C- (Charging -)

The plan i received with the BMS from Bestech.

Where does your c- go?

C- is not connected/connected to the DC-Charging Port

nvm. i think i have it.

i chosed the wrong pin, i used the pin for the temp sensor, thats why i caused this to happen.

The JST has 13 pins, one is not needed since its 12S, i started from the wrong way, thats why it burned down the temp sensor conduct

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