BMS for 10s 36v space cell battery

Can anyone provide me with a link of where to buy the BMS for a 10s 36v space cell battery.i am currently building this battery set up but needing the BMS that can handle the right voltage/amps.Happy to buy top end BMS want to avoid cheapos.Cheers.

The spacecell bms is cheap so this is a bit contradictory

The spacecell bms bypasses for charge only but if you want a decent bms for all round use try

Cheers will check it out


I was being an ass sorry​:joy::joy::joy:

All good just finding it hard to track down right one there are alot of dodgy ones from china out there

Yea then bms is bypassed and probably only cost enertion 10 bucks

Anywhere in Australia that sell BMS,don’t want to order from overseas.Im in Melbourne, victoria