BMS for 10S5P 18650 setup

I’m planning on building a dual motor 6374 setup with Samsung 25R’s with a 10S5P battery pack. I have everything planned out except for a BMS, I think I found one that would do what I need it to but I’m not sure Would I be able to charge and discharge? And would I just leave the 11th and 12th pins on the balance connector empty since I will have a 10s battery pack or do I need to find a new bms?

You need a 10s BMS.

For charge & discharge look at the BesTech 10s HCX-D596 LI10S80A-02.

talk to jarod @buildkitboards he sells the bestech 10s bms in single units for a good price

That ones for LiFePO4 cells not Li-ion cells. LiFePO4 cells are charged to 3.6V with a nominal voltage of 3.2V, Li-ion cells (Samsung 25R’s) are charged to 4.2V and nominal voltage of 3.6V’s hence the 36V battery pack. Bestech BMS’s are good quality, I have used several different ones from them (not for skateboards) and not had any trouble.