BMS for 5s 5A parallel LiPo setup

Brand new to the community and apologize if this has been addressed already. I want to run two 5s 5A LiPo batteries in parallel and am not sure what BMS to purchase. From what I understand I just need to wire them in parallel and purchase a parallel balance charging cable. (correct me if I’m wrong) It would obviously be simpler to do an 18650 custom battery but thats kind of expensive. Also, I haven’t picked a motor out yet. Not sure if doing that first matters or not, again very new to this!

Battery I plan on buying:

Could you tell us a little more about your intended setup. Most eskate stuff is meant for 8-12s. Which means running your battery in series vs parallel. Is your plan with the BMS to do one plug charging? Maybe a few more of your ideas so we can help you along a little better. Also spend some time reading build logs and the FAQ stuff. Good place to get started. Plenty of BMS related stuff if you search for it as well. Lots to read but worth it.

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Connecting 2 lipos in paralel is way simpler than building a battery You can make the charging adapter yourself easily Also 5s is super low voltage i think you want to go 10s right? If so you would need to connect them in series

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Well, so far I have decided that I’m just going to do a single motor setup(linked) with a VESC (linked).



So you want to run them in series. I’m not familiar with that ESC. Try searching it on this forum. See if others have had luck with it.