Bms for charging only

Built my board two years ago. Very basic with car esc and assortmentbox as enclosure. I have made the decision to rebuild it completly for a more pro looking/functioning board. New earthwing nls 37" deck, enclosure, bms, voltmeter and the vesc I got today and I’m so sorry I didnt had it before. What a pleasure to ride compared to the car esc!

Recently bougt a 3d priner and was thinking i would make an enclosure that has the batteries permanently mounted. I looked into bms but I can not find any diagram explaining how to wire it so it doesnt discharge from the bms aswell. Can somebody please explain how to wire it? Thanks!

I would like to understand this whole ‘bypassing’ the BMS thing as well, hope this thread can teach me!

I actually stumbled across a diagram. Here you go!

Would something like this work as well? Just designed it so I can understand it better.

Can anyone confirm that my digram is bypassing the BMS or not? Thanks!