BMS for LiFePo4 & LiIon?!?!

Hi, I am wondering how a BMS for LiFePo4 & LiIon is working, since the voltages are totally different. Can anyone explain that to me?

They are not usually the same BMS. I ordered a lifepo4. BMS for my A123 batteries. They were in a whole different section on Battery supports website. If you have one in mind post the link so we can help you. The more info the better.


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Looks like they’ve made a mistake. It’s probably Li-ion and Lipo. The tag on the bms says 37v I wouldn’t trust my batteries to. $10 bms anyway. In fact I wouldn’t trust any brand other than Bestech or Battery Supports

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Bestech service is complicated to handle and very expensive, even they have a custom service directly in Germany. Seems to be even mor expensive then the direct chinese order. Those look good as well!

Just balancing a battery pack while charging should be pretty easy. So a charge only bms could be really cheap!

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Battery Supports is very good and reasonable. They also have an eBay store. You can search for supowerbattery111 I think :). Shipping is reasonable.

In my opinion using a cheap bms for charging or discharging is taking a gamble. If it malfunctions, your battery could be ruined or worse

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more advanced BMS detects battery chemistry and works accordingly for e.g. @JTAG BMS works like that.