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BMS Group Buy: Who's in and for how many?

I also still want one Fam

I’m in for one. $50 isn’t bad at all.

@longhairedboy I got some responses from Bestech today, here are my questions and their answers:

Do you carry a BMS that has a separate charge port, so that it is not required to turn on the BMS while charging?
For this item,it can do 60A charging current and 60A discharging current in same port. And also can do 20A charging current and 80A discharging current in different port.

For the model below, what is the expected shipping cost to the US? Is the minimum order 2 units?
For 2pcs samples,it need 27.50USD shipping cost to USA. MOQ is 2pcs.

Is there a bulk discount for ordering a larger volume? 10-20 perhaps?
For 10-20pcs,usually it is same as samples. We can talk later once you want 10-20pcs.

If I can arrange a group-purchase of 10-20, could they be sent to multiple addresses?
It can send to different address,but the shipping cost would not be same.

@longhairedboy Yup, I’m in for one as long as I can figure out how to limit charging voltage to not exceed 10S3P.

wouldn’t the charging voltage be the same for 3P as 4P? this is something i’m fuzzy on. All i know is that charging voltage is higher than the packs output voltage, and the pack voltage is the same no matter how many you have in parallel.

It would be the same.

I might be in for one. If it would work as a replacement for the space cells bms, then I’m down.

I got a quote and datasheet this morning from Bestech as well. It is unclear if they would be willing to do a group buy. They didn’t actually give me all the info I requested. I wanted a volume price breakdown before I negotiated price and shipping terms. I couldn’t post the PDFs on here, but I have a $49.50 MOQ:2 quote.

it would, and I believe it supports a higher continuous amperage aswell!

That is correct, sir. Here’s info from the data sheet.
For 37V 10S Li-ion/Li-Polymer Battery Packs
Data Sheet
Model: HCX-D223V1
10S–80A working current
2 Voltage Charging voltage 42V
9 Resistance Inner resistance ≤20mΩ
Maximal continuous charging current 20A
Maximal continuous discharging current 80A
Current consumption ≤20μA
Over charge detection voltage 4.28V±0.025V
Over charge detection delay time 0.5~2S
Over charge release voltage 4.08V±0.05V
Over discharge detection voltage 2.80V±0.05V
Over discharge detection delay time 50~200mS
Over discharge release voltage 2.80V±0.1V
Over current detection voltage 0.1V~0.2V
Over current detection current 240A±40A
Detection delay time 5~20mS
Release condition Cut load,automatically recover
Detection condition Exterior shot circuit
Detection delay time 200~500uS
Release condition Cut load,automatically recover
Balance voltage for single cell 4.2V±0.025V
Balance current for single cell 126mA±15mA
Operating temperature range -40 ~ +85°C
Storage temperature range -20~ +125°C
11 Size (LWT) L120mm * W80mm * T25mm


Ok I’m down for one then. Any idea when these guys would arrive?

@chaka You are the man when it comes to this stuff!! I’m wondering about a 10s5p pack. Do you foresee any possibly issues/pitfalls to watch out for?

Going of @akira’s comment: Do you think a shipping to Denmark would kill the deal (because of the shipping costs) ? If not, I am in for one as well.

If we do not get an good shipping cost, we could set up another group buy for Europe.
I am sure I can get some people from okp s forum onboard.

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Im looking for a 10s4p bms, so im in for one. Depending on shippingcosts to Sweden.

Already three possible order in Europe.
I have posted a message on the French forum.
Let’s see how it goes.

@longhairedboy : I hope you do not see it as a hijacking of your order.
I am just trying to get the best deal for us in Europe :slight_smile:

its all good man. living in different places means ordering from different places a lot of the times. My original thing fell through anyway.

@treenutter so how should we proceed? They mentioned that they’d be willing to ship to each of us individually.

I’m going to want 2. Would you like to handle the coordination of orders since you have a dialog open with them already? I can PM you my email and billing info if they can send us each payment links or whatever like liion did.

@longhairedboy I’m happy to coordinate w them to see if we can get a party started. For the US order I see:

@treenutter for 1
@cmatson for 1
@paragon for 1
@Ulfberht for 1
@longhairedboy for 2
@evoheyax for 2
@Sharkface for 2
Am I missing anyone?

I’ll email them to ask if they can send these to different addresses and treat them like different orders in terms of payment and shipping.

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Would you mind asking the shipping cost to France for 5 to 10 units ? I could gather the EU order and dispatch the bms …