Bms help 45 or 60A Single drive wich one

Have an option of both the 45a is 15$ and the 60A is 45, don’t know if i will pull 60amps from a 10s4p setup with single 190kv motor 1:2 ratio, waiting for the bms for 20 days just to realize that i didn’t even order it and now can rethink the decision, what do you guys think need your help thanks

Anyone used any of these? Also Im over my budget already so…

Like you I am on the fence about the same items you linked.

Supower and BestTech are known to be somewhat reliable BMS-es. I wouldnt cheap out on them since they can ruin your batteries which are an expensive investment and set your house on fire, maybe im exaggerating but electronics break, but that is a choice to be made by you. Since you are using a low gearing ratio, i would use the 60A one, of course if your cells can take it. It is a pain to butcher a battery after you made it just because your bms cutts of when you ride. @Okami Found out he uses about 1600w on his single drive mountain board, so that may be enough for you. Depends on your expectations from the board.

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I agree with @Rinzler Don’t go cheap when getting a bms to protect your battery investment.

Bestech is number 1 in my opinion Supower also known as Battery Supports is a close 2nd.

I went with Bestech for several reasons.

  1. you can order them with some customized settings
  2. they come with FET heatsinks and have a peak discharge rating of up to 240a with a constant of 80a discharge and 20a charge
  3. they have a built in E-switch that has been very reliable for me.
  4. they have a balancing drain current of 126ma which is double that of other bms’s including Supower,
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How big is your battery and how long it takes

Im using Bestech as well ive the same battery set up as Namasaki well i copyed his set up again thanks for that its so good…

If you cheap out on the bms then wire it for charge only

Newbie here need help choosing a BMS for Dual motor setup

Motors: 6374 190KV Max Power: 3150 Watts Max Amps: 80Amps

ESC: EZRun MAX6 V3 Continuous Current: 160A Peak Current: 1,050A Running 8s lipo now But going to switch to 18650 battery wired for 8s4P what BMS would you guys recommend?

I guess you want a cheap charge only bms And a diffrent esc

No spent to mush on these ESC can’t turn back. No not cheap but a reasonable price one would be good.

Want to use the charge and Discharge .

Well you need a good bms then supower or bestech there’s one on bangood for 12$ 10s 45a discharge don’t know its reliability tho

You think 45a is sufficient for my setup are should i go with 60a,80A ?

If you are on a budget its ok