BMS Help! Hoverboard BMS

Has anyone had any experience with batteries from a hoverboard? Specifically with the BMS? Mine looks like this and I am wondering what the heck to do when it comes time to charge… I have a lead coming from P+ and C-, are there other spots to add a charging port or are those it. I know C- usually goes to the charge port.

Garbage batteries and garbage BMS’s. Toss it before it explodes.


Sorry one more picture if it helps. I took off the top cells and moved them to the side. this is the main BMS overall

how so?? They are all Samsung (not saying Samsung is the best but at least name brand.

Have you heard of the incidents where they catch fire? That’s due to the garbage cells and BMSs


I don’t know much about those packs but this dude seems to be chill with making a power wall out of them: :face_with_monocle:

His batteries are not used as ours he has probably 50p packs and we have 2p average(justy a wild guess) we draw 10+a per cell and he draws 0,1A per cell.

He worked his shit out if his house didn’t burn down already He also has a much bigger avalible space

Thats why he can use those batteries that are no use for eskates

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The hoverboards that catch fire either have a faulty bms or the manufacturer has done something dumb. I remember seeing a tear down of a cheapo hoverboard, that had the bms in the battery, but the charging leads were soldered right onto the battery pack, not the bms C/P- pin :smiley: The cells are mostly good, thats why Jehu uses them in his powerwall.

Reuse (or sell) the unreliable bms and keep the cells - thats what i would do.

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I ended up running new wires to power the ESC directly on top, and I am using a hub motor ESC so I think its limited to 10A or so anyways. If it doesn’t seem right or hold up, I will probably do what you said and dismantle it.:sweat_smile:

Those systems are prone to catastrophic failure. If/when it fails it won’t leave anything behind to dismantle.