BMS Hookup Sanity Check

I’m using this 12s 15A BMS to charge my 12s4p battery, and my intention is to charge the pack up with this BMS by connecting a charger’s negative terminal to the BMS’s P-/CH- terminal and a charger’s positive terminal to the battery pack’s positive terminal. For discharging, I plan to bypass the BMS by connecting a Flipsky Anti-Spark Switch to the batteries positive and negative terminals. to directly power the vescs and motors.

When the anti-spark switch is on, I expect current to flow through the switch, and then power two vescs, each of which will have software side current limiting set to 20A since the switch’s fuse is 40A. This setup will be used to power dual 6374s. Assuming I correctly assembled the pack, do you see any issues with my BMS hookup plan or other optimizations I can make? Thanks!

Everything looks good to me.