Bms issues bad or good. Help!

I got two different voltage reading on my bms 1.)Discharge port reading @ 40.30v 2.)Charge port reading @ 39.9v I have 10s5p lithium-ion LG cells 13ah. Is the BMS bad? Thanks

I have seen some unexplained drops like this in a few BMS’s, like the one used be evolve. If everything else is fine and the bms keeps balancing and cut off properly. Then keep using it just monitor the charge and discharge a few times very closely.

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Thanks! I also noticed my full charged always @40.4v as suppose 42v not sure 40v is normal for 10s full charged?

Well that’s much more indicative of a faulty BMS. Just replace it.

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Sounds like pack may be out of balance, have u checked voltage drift?

Not yet… Im planning to do that, hopefully this week. Thanks!