BMS issues WH-8550S5/ 6A10

Okay, so this is my second bms (other one was faulty) and as soon as I connected it all up it started smoking. I immediatly disconnected it and I think its fine. Could someone help me? The model number for my bms is: WH-8550S5/ 6A10

I attached a couple files showing my wiring.

You know the max ampere on that bms is 6 ampere. That is nothing…

Yeah it probably wasn’t my best purchase, but do you know how to fix this?

Where did you buy it?

Your battery voltage / cells?

Two Zippy 3s 5000mah batteries in series

mhmm, strange… You have connected it correctly. Was the motors connected too? When you gave it power?

Nope, the batteries and BMS were not connected to the ESC and never were (yet)

Here is another photo

mhmm, thats weird. Maybe somethings wrong with the BMS, not legit? Btw have heard good reviews from BatterySupports:

Mhmm I think you have connected the cells wrong, the 6 little wires are in wrong orde. If they are wrong it will burn the circuit…

Do not connect in wrong ordering, or it will burn out the board.

If you made wrong connection and reverse the board that will cause smoke, please check with every wire to be sure you are doing correct connection.

Which did you connect first, the main wires from the battery or the balance connector?

I don’t recall, I think I connected the balance first. I will upload a video right now see if it helps.

It is important the battery wires get connect first and then the balance wires. There’s a reason why some listing say this and a few users here follow it.

Just tried that, same result. Here’s a video showcasing the wiring:

Am I doing it right? Should I return it?

Electrical current flows from Neg to Pos. Therefore, battery 1 supplies neg and battery 2 supplies pos to the system. The Pos wire from battery 1 is connected to the neg wire from battery 2 to put them in series. And I don’t see how this bms is for 6s when it only has 5 balance pins. It should have 6 balance pins.

I know Namasaki, and I’ve hooked it up in series (voltmeter measures ~24v) and I bought this on a recommendation from an instructable… Link is above (for the bms, says 6s).

I can only recommend getting a different BMS. Even for charge only you should have more than 5a max. And you have to have at least 6 balance wires for 6s. And, I have never seen a bms before with neg and pos connections on the bms. Usually its just neg connections. Get a reputable brand like Battery Supports, their eBay name is Supower.