BMS manufacturer error?

Does this look right to you guys? Ignore the burnt out resistors, I’ve ordered some new ones (triple check your numbers balance leads folks!).

B- has a run of resistors etc.but has not connection to the balance connector. B10 does not have a run of resistors and thus, won’t charge but it is connected to the balance connector???

I’ve confirmed with a multi meter. Am I losing the plot?

There is 10 rows so it’s probably right.

But you can see that the first row has no connection to the balance connector. Also, the last pin on the balance connector is connected to a row that has no resistors.

What BMS is that?

And B- is not supposed to be connected to the balance connector afaik.

Been checking images of a couple of Bestechs and SuPowers, and if this is supposed to be a 10s I actually believe this is correct and not any manufacturing error.

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This is a Bestecth, not sure of part number.

The issue is that there IS 10 resistor rows and the balance connector has 10 port but, continuity wise, with a multi meter, the first row of resistors is not connected to the balance connector. Then, the last balance connector pin is connected to a row without any resistors!? This MUST be an error?

I’ll shoot Bestech an email and see what they say.

EDIT: it’s a Bestech HCX-D223V1LI10S80A-12

Dont know that particular bms but b- is probably not needed ad it is already wired through the thick black negative cable. And b10 doesn’t need another row of resistors as this resistors go in between cells. So the last route of resistors is between b9 and b10 Thurs not needing anything between b10 and b11