BMS Question again

Hey guys I know there are several topics about bms but I am afraid of doing sth wrong hope someone can help me out.

I ordered this bms for my 2x 6s 8000mah 30c lipos in series

So Iam right the bms balances from 2.9v to 4.2v? Is there a way to tell the bms to balance from 3.3 to 4.1v so the lipo doesent get drained that much? Or do you guys think thats not even necessary?

those values are hardware fixed settings. you can have a look on the bestech site. they offer a range of values you can choose by your own when ordering the bms. After they produced your bms the values also fixed and you can´t change it anymore. If you want a bms where you can change the values, you can have a look at smart bms.

There is too less information on the bms you linked but i doubt that the bms is balancing form 2.9V till 4.2V. it´s more the max and min voltage range the bms monitor the cell and cut off in case one cell come out of this. I guess the bms doesn´t start balancing before 3.9V or even higher.