BMS question! Noob alert

Hi everyone,

I’m in need of some advice. I’m looking to buy a BMS which I can use with my current LiPo batteries (3 batteries with 3 cells each) and then use again with my Li-ion setup which I plan to do in a few months time. I’ve found this one from and I’m confused how everything will work.

Is it compatible with my 3s3p lipo setup and will it be compatible with a 10s4p setup after? Bestech website says its for a LiFePO4 (?) setup?

Thanks, Daniel

You mean 3s3p or you will put the 3x 3s in series to get 9s? Why not only get a lipo balance charger like this one hengda iMax LiPo/NiMh 1s-6s Akku Multifunkt. Ladegerät Balancer Adapter inkl. 5A Netzteil For the time you use your lipos? Use a fuse and a antispark loop key in your board set up and you also good to go. The only down side is that you need to take out the packs and charge them separated from each other

They’re in series already. 3 batteries, in series, each with 3 cells in.

I’m currently taking the batteries out to charge them already. I thought I’d be fine with it but I’m not. It’s annoying having to remove my enclosure each time.i want to charge the batteries. I just want to plug the board in and away I go.

Is there a way I could makeshift this BMS to work with the LiPos? If not then what smart BMS could I use?

Yes i undetstood, but if you put them all in parallel you will still have only 3s which is 11v only…:thinking:

Unfortunately I can’t recommend you any smart bms as I don’t have experience with them. But put it in the search function here. There some guys already using it.

Don’t want to be the :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: guy, but it’s never good to go away from a charging board…

Is 11v bad? People always said to link them in series rather than parallel.

I always charge my batteries with a balance charger to prevent over charge etc. They automatically cut off when they reach full charge (4.2v). My understanding is that the BMS is effectively the same as a balance charger. When the power goes in from the wall it is then balanced through the BMS?

In short, a BMS isn’t going to be suitable for a LiPo battery setup unless I have 10 of them in series?

all your lipos are most likely 3s packs. or do you have a 1s3p pack? i doubt that

Aren’t diebyms smart bms?

Not that 11v is bad. But the voltage is generally too low to power the motor.

At bare minimum, people are running 6s. Lower voltage means higher current is needed. And higher voltage will result in lower current.

@mynamesmatt @AreaKruzer

My battery setup is on the right, so series. Each battery has 3 cells. They’re Zippy Flightmax 5000mah.

I’ve been running my setup like this for ages and it works fine?

@Jake2k17 I’ll check out diebyms. I think I saw a thread on the forum about them.

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Yup. Running them in series will give u 6s. Almost a bare minimum setup

I’ve got 3 so it’s 9s…


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Yes this is correct. Are you running a bms?

Not currently because it was to my understanding that the BMS is to manage the charging aspect of things. Also allowing you to keep everything in the enclosure rather than removing it all the time.

Currently I have the batteries connected to the FOCBOX. Inbetween the two is a fuse and XT90S anti spark loop key.

I’m wanting a BMS that I can use to charge the batteries so I don’t need to remove the enclosure. Plug a lead in and boom, it charges. Also have an on off switch to remove the antispark I currently have. But I also want to have a BMS I can use for the LiPo setup and then again for when I purchase the Li-Ion batteries to make my own pack. I to avoid paying for the BMS twice.

My understanding would be getting a 10s or 12s battery and splicing the additional wires into a single cell wire so it gathers the data that way. Because that’s all it’s doing, right? Grabbing the voltage reading to determine the max cut off. If I had a BMS that was suitable for a 12s setup then surely splicing the wires will be fine because it’s doing the exact same thing? The BMS would think those cells are exactly the same voltage.

Please correct me if I’m completely wrong!

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You can use the same bms for both liion and lipo, but a 9s bms is pretty hard to find. Unless you have purchased the batteries already, I really suggest using 2x 5s batteries, they are much easier to charge and find a bms for.

Don’t do that. Use a BMS

When I get home from work, I can’t watch my board charge for two hours. If I did, I would spend my ENTIRE LIFE watching boards charge. Do you watch your car sit in the garage for two hours every time you get home?

That BMS will work for 9S and 10S but if you’re going to use a loopkey and bypass the BMS for discharge, I would get the “D190” 10S BMS by bestech and since you have to buy 2, sell the other one on the forum after you get it and finish your battery.

To use a 10S BMS for 9S always make sure the most-positive balance lead is the one left unhooked. Start at negative and go from there

Yes i do…what else to do in my free time… I didn’t say sit and wait till it finished charging. But leave it alone while charging is simply not good. I had a fire in my home and i‘m happy that i was close to stop it from burning down everything around. I does not need to happen with everybody, but just some days ago it happened with one of our member… so I think it’s not that worst suggestion to be as min near or to have a fire alarm close to the charging place.


What’s the difference between bypassing a bms for charge only or balance charge with a hobby charger?

I think the solution for that is to buy batteries already made by professional. Heavy vibrations make things fail in the most unusual ways that you don’t think about ahead of time.

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