BMS safety check

Can anyone tell me if this will work with a 10s2p battery? Look what I found on AliExpress

The max output is 45a, that’s pretty low. If you are going to use if fit charge only it would be fine. Typically the BMS’s we use are max 60 or 80.

If your battery is only 2p you are probably not going to be able to transfer more than 45a from the battery. Therfore I think 45a would be enough. Please tell me what cells you are using so I know how many amps the cells can deliver.

I cannot commend on the quality of that specific BMS though. I would always choose a BMS from a well known brand like Supower or Bestech.

I’m using laptop batteries that Im extracting cells from so I’m not sure what cells I’ll have. I know they are roughly 2200mah, but I do not know much more. Would you link a bms that you suggest? Price is a factor since I’ve already gone over budget. I also have a vesc if that makes a difference.

I would really not recommend using laptop cells. They will not be able to deliver the needed amps for an eskate.

That bms is rated: Typical output current: 30A Max. output current: 45A Translation: maybe 30a continuous Frankly, I would not trust my batteries to a cheap, no name bms like that.

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I ended up going with a supower 10s 60A bms. Little more than I wanted to spend but I’d rather it last me a long time.

It will be money well spent

I just purchased the same BMS. I can’t figure out the max charging rate is. What kind of charger are you using?

Thanks, Mike

So, figured it out. its 30a but should I be charging at that rate on a 10s4p 18650?

5 amps maximum