BMS Setup help (Bestech)

I want to order a personalized BMS from Bestech. The question is about the individual possible options i can choose from.

Are there any recommendations for these details:

Single overcharge protection voltage Single overcharge recovery voltage Balance voltage Balance current

i am using a 12S4P 30Q Pack with a 50.4V 5A charger.

This is what I got…

this would be the standard so far i’ve seen. but what exactly does this…?

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The readings are not static, they go up and down based on current usage. The readings are averaged over a specific period of time by the BMS, I don’t know what that period is. The over voltage detection is a little high for that reason. If you make it any lower, and I don’t think BesTech will, you run the risk of not being able to fully charge, that is better handled with an adjustable charger.

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