BMS Setup (will this really work with LiPo, as well as Li-Ion as implied?)

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone would be able to confirm for me that the parts I’m looking to buy will work to power my electric skateboard (a single 6S lipo battery, 260Kv 6354 Motor and 150A ESC). I live in the UK so shipping has really restricted what I can buy, but I am looking to fit a BMS for charging only, in series with the negative wire from the charger. Will this BMS work ( I am a little confused as the picture suggests it is for Lithium Ion and the title suggests it works with Lithium Polymer? Again I was looking at this ( charging cable and the title suggests it is for 29.4v lithium ion battery packs but the description suggests it works with 25.2v packs like my 6s Lipo. Would be really grateful if anyone could confirm this will work to charge my 6s LiPo.

Thanks in advance